Minimize Stuff. Maximize Life.

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If you think minimalism is too hard, or that you can’t do it. STOP RIGHT NOW.

You can do it! YOU CAN MINIMIZE!

If you’re here, you’ve already made the first step. This websites is an accumulation of years of studying, practicing, failing and getting back up again. If this is something you’re passionate about, there’s nothing that can hold you back from downsizing and living a stress reduced life.

My Story

I’m Khadejia, manager at a super fun hair salon by day and singer, traveler and minimalist the rest of the time. One of my greatest passions? Helping others minimize stuff and refocusing that energy on pursuing their passions.

Minimalist & Declutter Queen


Khadejia has always loved decluttering and cleaning. In fact in 8th grade, her teachers began to hire her to help them clean and organize their classrooms.

She graduated with a B.S in Behavioral Science from Andrews University and has always been passionate about helping others overcome personal obstacles. After college she was introduced to the idea of minimalism and decided to start coaching others who struggle with starting and maintaining a minimalist lifestyle.

Recovered Shopoholic

Want to know the craziest thing about her being a minimalist?

She used to be a full blow shopaholic!

Yes, like a shop until you drop, parents renting a U-haul to lug all her junk from college shopaholic.

Then a few years ago when she was stressed trying to maintain that lifestyle a friend told her about minimalism and it changed her life.

She began a to study and practice minimalism and the rest is history.


You’ve heard my story, now it’s time to write you own!

Ready to create your own rules and live your life free of baggage? If so, you’re ready for the journey. If you’re still unsure, don’t think about the clutter or the baggage, imagine the end result. Think about the freedom you’ll gain and the lessons you’ll learn throughout the process.

Either way, thanks again for popping by and wishing you the best of luck on you minimizing journey.


Khadejia Hupp