Anti Haul! | Minimizing My Wardrobe!

The new year is the perfect time to minimizing items and figuring out what you really want. Going through my wardrobe, I found a few things that I was holding onto just in case I need them.

While that’s definitely not an uncommon way of looking at things, I’ve been trying to push myself past holding onto things just because I think they could be useful in the future. 9 times out of 10 they never get the use that was imagining and someone else could’ve used and enjoyed the item instead of it collecting dust.

I’ve decided to do an anti haul to get rid of some of my things and hopefully pass them onto people who will find these items useful. Some of things included in the anti haul are:

  • Anne Taylor Blazer

  • H & M Blue Blazer

  • Black Floral Anne Taylor Dress

  • Cream Bunny Sweater

  • Blue Polka Dot Modcloth Dress